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2024 RCEM Pre-Conference Skills day Agenda

May 9th,  2024

Calhoun Community College Huntsville Campus.  102 Wynn Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35805

Registration: 7:00 - 8:00 am

Morning Sessions (8AM-12PM)









Lunch 12-1pm

Afternoon Sessions (1pm-5pm)



Option 1

Pediatric simulation

Dr. Daisy Ciener and the

Vanderbilt Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Simulation team 

Cases and Pediatric EM skills

Option 2


Dr. Ric Solis and Team 


Cardiac US

Thoracic US

Option 4

Adult EM skills

Dr. Ryan Walsh and the Vanderbilt EM Simulation Team

Dr. Ryan Walsh - Peritonsillar abscess drainage 

Dr. Chase Palisch - Epistaxis management

Dr. Emily Pauw - US guided IV

Dr. Jeff Heimiller - Auricular Hematoma drainage

Dr. Sean Boaglio - Pigtail catheter placement

Dr. Gerard Colmer - Peritonsillar abscess drainage

Option 3

EMS Skills Session

Dr. Will Ferguson (UAB) and Team 

Rapid assessment of patients and surroundings

Recognize various medical, psychological, and social emergencies

Formulating appropriate management plans

Management of rapidly deteriorating patients

Basic and advanced airway skills

Chemical restraints

Management of a cardiac arrest patient

Management of post cardiac arrest patient

spa stones

2024 RCEM Conference Agenda 

May 10th, 2024  

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center's

National Geographic Theater in the Davidson Center 

1 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, AL 35805

Registration: 7-7:30am

Lunch 11:40AM-1:00PM

New format, new topics, bring it all together

Moderator:  Dr. Larry Stack


1. A case of trauma arrest


Pre-hospital topic lecture

Speaker: Dr. Ric Solis
 Q&A and panel discussion

featuring Dr. Rony Najjar

​2.  A case of cardiac arrest 

Pre-hosp topic lecture
Speaker: Wes Ward
In-Hosp topic lecture
Speaker: Dr. Jacqueline Green

 Q&A and Panel discussion

3. A case of extremity injury

    Pre-hospital topic lecture
     Speaker: Dr. Julie Brown

 Fractures that can’t be missed
   Speaker: Dr. Cameron Crosby 

    Q&A and Panel discussion

4. A case of death in custody


    Speaker: Eric Jaeger, J.D.

Q&A and Panel discussion


5. Avoid major pitfalls of chemical sedation


    Speaker: Eric Jaeger, J.D.

     Q&A and Panel discussion

6. A case of an unresponsive toddler

2:00 - 3:00pm

   Pre-Hospital topic lecture

Speaker: Dr. James Statler

   In-Hosppital topic lecture

Speaker: Dr. James Statler

   Q&A and Panel discussion


7. A case of abnormal neurological presentation 


    Pre-hospital topic lecture

Speaker: Dr. Melissa M. Willett-Caldwell

    In-hospital topic lecture

Speaker: Dr. Marshall Hall

   Q&A and Panel discussion

8. A case of pediatric nonaccidental trauma


   Speaker:  Dr. Mark Sapp

    Q&A and Panel discussion

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