2021 Virtual conference


Dr. Phillip Coule
Vice-President and Chief Medical Officer Augusta University Health System, Augusta, Georgia

In Hospital Disaster Response - Covid 19


Dr. Jim Ducanto


Inventor of the “SSCOR DuCanto Suction Catheter”, the “SALAD" Technique, and the Nasco Life/form® S.A.L.A.D. Simulator

Advocate Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center

Improving Emergency Airway Management with
the Suction Assisted Laryngoscopy Airway
Decontamination Technique


Dr. Dan McCollum
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Assistant Residency Director
Director for GCEP
Augusta University Health System in Augusta, Georgia

Drugs for Cardiac Arrest

Michael Max Bursey.png

Dr. Max Bursey
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Chief of ED Critical Care
Specialize in EM and Critical Care
Augusta University Health System

Peri‐intubation Cardiac Arrest

Jeremy Boyd.png

Dr. Jeremy Boyd
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and the Director of the Division of Emergency Ultrasound
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Beyond the Wheeze Detector: Lung POCUS in 2021

Andrew Pfeffer.png

Dr. Andrew Pfeffer
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Psych Emergencies


Dr. Lee Laravia

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

 Augusta University Health System

US Guided Nerve Block

Jean Hoffman.png

Dr. Jean Hoffman
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine and Anesthesia
Specialize in EM and Critical Care
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1. Ventilator Management in the ED
2. Vassopressor Tool Kit


Dr. Matt Delaney
Associate Professor & Assistant Program Director for the Emergency Medicine residency program
University of Alabama Birmingham

Neuro Nightmares: Stroke Mimics and Chameleons

Amy Mill Teleflex.jpeg

Amy Mills, RN

1. Key Concepts of IO
2. Intraosseous Access Landmarking Deep Dive


Dr. Neal Richmond
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, the Director of EMS Research, and EMS Fellowship Program Director
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

1. Disaster Management
2. Quality Assurance

Dr. Peter Antevy Bio.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.jpg

Dr. Peter Antevey
Pediatric EM Physician 
EMS Medical Director for multiple Fire and Rescue Departments in south FL.
President of the Greater Broward EMS Medical Directors' Association.
Innovator of the Handtevy Pediatric Resuscita􏰁on System
Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital

"Implementing the PALS 2020 Guidelines: A Cautionary Tale”.


Robbie Murray

1. Capnography, did you know?
2. Learning Capnography Thru Case Review


Dr. Keith Lurie

Head’s Up CPR

Bob Matoba

Bob Matoba

Elusive Endocrinology


Dr. Ric Solis
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
Augusta University Medical Center

Ultrasound for EMS


Dr. Jared McKinney
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine; Assistant EMS Medical Director for the Nashville Fire Department
Vanderbilt Medical Center

Case Study Potpourri

Yengo-kahn, Aaron-M-5x7.jpg

Dr. AaronYengo-Kahn
Neurosurgery resident
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Hydrocephalus & Ventriculoperitonal
Shunts in the ED: Emergencies and Not‐So‐Muches


Dr. Matt Lyon
Professor of Emergency Medicine and Executive Director of the Center for Ultrasound Education for the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
Vice Chairman for Academic Programs and Research for the Department of Emergency Medicine and as the Medical Director for Telehealth
Augusta University Medical Center

Bedside Cardiac Evaluation

Catherine Burger.png

Dr. Catherine Burger
Assistant Professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Pediatric Cardiac Arrest


Dr. Richard Schwartz
Professor and the Chair for the Department of Emergency Medicine at Medical College of Georgia
An original developers of the National Disaster Life Support Courses
Augusta University Medical Center

Junctional Hemorrhage Management

Larry Stack.png

Dr. Larry Stack
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Co-editor of The Atlas of Emergency Medicine, 5th Ed. and the Handbook of Medical Photography
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

“What’s What”

Kevin High RN.png

Kevin High RN, MPH, MHPE
Faculty member teaching on topics surrounding airway management, trauma care, EMS and air medical transport
Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Colin O'Shea.png

Dr. Colin O’Shea
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

The Crashing Pulmonary HTN Patient

Mary Kate Jordan.png

Dr. Mary Kate Jordan
Assistant Professor and the Associate Director of Ultrasound Operations in the Department of Emergency Medicine Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Stellate Ganglion Block in Refractory VT/VF


Dr. Larry Mellick
Vice Chair and Professor of Emergency Medicine, and the Division Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine
The creator and first editor of the clinical monograph, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Reports, and a contributor to the Atlas of Emergency Medicine and Roberts and Hedges' Clinical Procedures in Emergency Medicine
USA Health, in Mobile, Al

Genitourinary Emergencies of the Adult & Pediatric Male

Andrew Johnson.png

Dr. Andrew Johnson
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Pediatric Airway

Saralyn Williams.png

Dr. Saralyn Williams
the Vice Chair of Education and an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. Specialize in Toxicology.  An appointed member of Emergency Medicine Residency Review Committee (RRC) for the ACGME
Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Toxicant Induced Dysrhythmias that can be Harmed by ACLS